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Mangolin Creative employs dozens of  creatives around the world. Though our workforce is constantly in flux, we maintain a strong leadership team. 

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Morgan Lee Richardson

Morgan is a globally recognized artist, designer, wildlife conservationist, and creator of immersive themed experiences. After two decades in the themed entertainment industry, he has developed a cross-disciplinary expertise, making him a skilled designer, valuable Creative Director, and an enthusiastic leader in the studio.  His passion for wildlife inspires his personal artwork – vibrant and visionary pieces, exhibited in galleries and publications around the world.

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Zachary Morgan

Zach is a Concept Architect and Designer. Before making the move to themed entertainment, Zach worked on airports, residential & commercial projects, and more. During his time with industry giants – Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative, he gained immense experience in creative development and production. Zach is focused on building amazing customer experiences and growing  business through a human-centered approach to research and design. His multicultural background helps to inform his design approach and deepens his ability to empathize with the human at the end of design chain.

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Justin Lee

Justin is a creative generalist – working primarily in the entertainment industry and focused on the built environment. He has helped develop workflows that enable teams to own creative intent throughout the design to fabrication process. His skill set enables him to facilitate architecture & facility design, area development, and landscape modeling for projects on a massive scale. Justin believes the built environment can exist to embrace the natural one.


Janice Rosenthal

Janice is a seasoned experience designer, illustrator, and art director who loves to put pen to paper to craft unique and engaging environments. In her diverse and multidisciplinary career, Janice has worked on theme parks, virtual reality games, consumer goods, and children’s media. Beyond creating characters and immersive stories, her first love has always been studying and drawing animals of all kinds, with a particular soft spot for wild and domestic canines. She enjoys combining her skills and interests to create artwork that teaches and inspires wonder for the natural world.

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Khushi Bhatt

Khushi is an Extended Reality designer and strategist and is deeply passionate about immersive experiences and all forms of experimental technology. She has a background in Immersive Reality and Interaction Design (UX) and graduated as the valedictorian of her class from Savannah College of Art and Design. As an XR Designer, she sees herself as an experimenter, claiming that if she had a catchphrase, it would be "What if-!?" With a great love for the natural world and organic experiences, she is always seeking adventure, challenges and meaningful ways to impact the community.

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